Luki Huber (Luzern, 1973) founded his product design studio in Barcelona in ’99, after an academic career in industrial design at the Schule für Gestaltung in Luzern, and later at the Escola Massana of Barcelona. Following initial projects for local companies like Cerabella and Xocoa, Luki Huber worked exclusively for the creative team of elBulli between 2002 and 2005. Additionally to their use in the restaurant, the products resulting from this combination of design and gastronomy have been exposed at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and have been partially commercialized under the brand Faces.

In continuation, Luki initiated a close collaboration with Spanish kitchen brand Lékué, resulting in an extensive and successful range of products. Simultaneously he has been teaching product design at EINA, School for Art and Design in Barcelona between 2005 and 2010.

In 2008, Gerrit Jan Veldman (Leicester, 1983) joined the studio, after studying industrial design at the Technological University of Delft and at EINA in Barcelona. The studio moved to its actual location at the end of 2009 in the centre of the city, where they created a workspace focused on improving the integration of clients in the process of product development.

Parallel to product design, the studio has placed an emphasis in exploring and developing methodologies and tools for the improvement of creative teamwork. As a result thereof, the studio created the tool Manual Thinking, which has been commercialized in 2012.

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