Manual Thinking Box: Organization and inspiration at sight!

The Manual Thinking Box is a wall organizer that lets you store all your objects beautifully, at hand and at sight. Each module consists of a square base that is fixed to the wall, available in a variety of colors, and a transparent box which can be easily placed and removed from the base.

Like the other products of the Manual Thinking range, the Manual Thinking Box has been created with creative teamwork in mind. In Luki´s studio for example, the Manual Thinking Box are housing hundereds of items, such as inspirational objects, material samples, tools and materials for prototyping by hand. The participants, although new to the studio, can localize and take out whatever object they need at any moment for improvement idea creation and visualization. Instant creativity!

The  Manual Thinking Box can be used to create an inspiring workspace, to organize your office materials at sight, to let your kids store their toys, to keep your bathroom accessories neat and clean, to display your collections… the possibilities are infinite!

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Created in collaboration with: Plastisan

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