Luki Huber’s studio is located in the centre of Barcelona. The space, transparent and luminous at street level, invites clients and other collaborators to work at ease, while maintaining a certain contact with people passing by: a reflection of the consumers we design for! The workshop has been planned for both the daily tasks of the permanent staff, as well as for work sessions of groups of around 12 persons, which generally take shape in form of idea generation workshops.

The studio contains various work surfaces of different heights, visualization panels which can be hung around the perimeter of the space, and an emblematic vertical and visual storage system covering the walls, the Manual Thinking Box, where all tools, designs, materials and inspirational objects are stored, both at hand and at sight.

All facilities are set up to promote working by hand; numerous tools and materials are provided for the exploration of concepts through rapid prototyping, for use by both the design staff as well as guests from other fields who might not be acquainted with tasks as such. Furthermore, all surfaces are made in line with Manual Thinking, the tool created by the studio for the visualization of projects and ideas by hand.

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