Luki Huber Studio offers an integral product design service, in which we lead our clients through the phases of searching for opportunities and strategies, exploration of concepts, functional and formal design, up unto the introduction of the product on the market. The client and its team are highly implicated in the process in order to create a good work atmosphere that forms the basis of the project. During the project the team is trained in techniques of creative teamwork where every member is encouraged to contribute their know-how and ideas. The overall goal is to create a win to win to win situation, where both functional and innovative products that meet up with the necessities of the costumer (1), conduct, with an appropriate strategy, to a growth of our client (2) and eventually to a success for us as a studio (3).

As for resources, Luki Huber counts on a centrally located workshop prepared for creative teamwork, where beside our clients, experts, communicators and consumers from a trusted network are invited, who’s knowledge help to improve and advance the projects. To assure that all persons attending to our workshop are able to work together in an effective way, the studio developed its own tool for the facilitation of methodological teamwork called Manual Thinking, which has been adapted for the use of the general public in professional, educational or even private environments.

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